The Newest Product Line from GP Reeves


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, GP Reeves sought out the best way to help. As an industrial dispenser manufacturer, we quickly realized that hand sanitizer dispensers were the best way to do that. Our units ensure that your team has easy access to hand sanitizer, allowing them to reduce the spread of germs within your facility.


Save Time

The sanitizer supply options for Defense Dispense™ systems range from 8 ounces to 55 gallons. Our average one gallon system is nearly three times the size of our leading competitors, which means less refill time for your staff.

Save Money

Though the upfront cost of a one gallon Defense Dispense™ systems can be pricier than some of our competitors, the expense will quickly be made up in the lower cost of material through the universal supply model. Our systems don’t require special bag refills and work with sanitizer purchased from anywhere.

Custom Branding

Using UV printing, we are able to place durable, long lasting branding on our Fortress stands. This process allows us to print an unlimited amount of colors on your stand. Branding is available on any sized order, and standard colors are available on orders of five stands or more. These options are available for a small up charge.

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“Everyone loves the sanitizing systems, they went over very well at our opening yesterday!”

— Julie, Old Miami Detroit