Industrial Hand Sanitizer System

The Industrial Defense Dispense™ system has been specially designed for warehouses and factories. With a bulk supply that can feed up to 60 dispensers within a 500 foot range, this system is perfect for supplying a large area with sanitizer stations. Plus, the bulk supply ranges from 5 to 55 gallons, making it so your team doesn’t waste time filling hand sanitizer dispensers all day. Even our smallest size for the industrial system requires 15x fewer refills than a competing 1200ml system.

System Components

Industrial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Dispenser

This pneumatic dispenser is industrial grade and has been proven to run for years. It requires 60 PSI of air for operation.

The Pump

With several options available, there is sure to be a pump that fits your needs. Our 5 and 55 gallon options include a pump that attaches to a stand next to material container, whereas the 7 gallon system has an included reservoir. 

System Specifics

Bulk Supply

The bulk supply, which can range from 5-55 gallons, allows you to keep your staff sanitized while only having to worry about one supply point that could last  months. This allows you to focus on primary responsibilities while knowing your team is safe and sanitized.

Money Savings

In addition, the unit can save you over $12,000 a year (with a 20 dispenser system using 5 gallons of material per week). The upfront cost of Defense Dispense™ is on the higher end of the scale, however, this cost is quickly made up for in the price of our material. 

Universal Supply

These systems are compatible with any liquid or gel sanitizer. You aren’t restricted to purchasing sanitizer from us — though we’d love it if you did.