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We are providing an economical system to dispense something everyone needs right now: hand sanitizer. We used our 49 years of dispensing expertise to both design and manufacture a line of touchless hand sanitizer dispensers. Our units will ensure that your team has easy access to hand sanitizer. This will in turn reduce the spread of germs. The Defense Dispense™ system uses a bulk supply of sanitizer which means fewer refills. Plus, you can use any type of sanitizer. Additionally, each dispenser utilizes a touchless sensor to quickly deliver sanitizer and a drip tray to avoid a mess.

Our touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are designed for a variety of locations. This includes multi-person offices, schools, universities, gas stations, restaurants, industrial warehouses and more. 

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HAND Sanitizer subscription

Need a hand sanitizer dispenser and sanitizer? Sign up for our sanitizer subscription! We’ll ship you 32 ounces or one gallon of sanitizer each month for a low flat rate that includes a sanitizer dispenser! Plus, you’ll get free shipping.

Included Dispenser

12 months of sanitizer

Delivered free to your door each month!

Contact us for more information or to set up your subscription!